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B&B Lock and Key is proud to offer a wide variety of services to the residents of the Cedar Valley: 

Lost Key or New to Your Home?
We can re-key your lock to ensure you are the only one with keys to your home, townhouse, apartment, or condo.

Want to Upgrade to More Secure Locks?
B&B Lock and Key can install high-security residential locks on your doors including our new services of combination locks or bionic (fingerprint) locks. B&B Lock and Key can also install the most secure deadbolts improving the security on your home.

Don’t Really Know?
B&B Lock and Key is here for you. We are proud to offer a unique program: HomeSecure.
HomeSecure is a free service in which we come to your home and recommend what upgrades and locks would help secure your home, and help prevent future lockouts or break-ins with the latest high security technologies.  Our expert locksmith will assess your existing lock security and then give you important recommendations for upgrades, improvements or new installations.

Need a Copy?
B&B Lock and Key can make you that spare key you always thought about getting.  For your children, an extra set in the car, save time and money by getting extra keys at B&B Lock and Key.

Want a Fun Key?
B&B Lock and Key also offers personalized keys for your family or business.  Get your logo, name, or favorite key design to personalize your security.

Are you a new home-owner?  Feel secure and confident that others don’t have keys to the locks on your doors.  Call B&B Lock and Key for lock replacement or re-key services.  Mention this ad and get $10 off the service call!